Michelle Dahlstrom

Chief Administrative Officer

Mrs. Dahlstrom joined CAS in 2014 and is responsible for coordinating CAS’s marketing efforts for its 5 office locations in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and San Francisco. Working in coordination with the CEO and senior engineering staff, she oversees the development, organization, and production of proposals and additional marketing materials including brochures, presentations, and resumes.

Throughout the proposal development process, Mrs. Dahlstrom is responsible for editing and evaluating proposal content to adhere to requirements set by the agency or client, coordination and creative writing alongside the engineers, and working with clients to acquire needed information prior to its submittal. She oversees all design and graphics utilizing Adobe CC programs including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, in addition to maintaining a review and production schedule, and delivery/distribution of final product.

Other responsibilities include design and management of all marketing materials for the company including copy writing, editing, and graphic design, talent acquisition efforts, website and social media development, and event planning and coordination.