Transportation Engineering

Since 2001, CAS has provided engineering planning, design, and inspection services for highways, minor and major municipal and county roadways, and airports focusing primarily on drainage, water quality, utility relocation and roadway design. We work closely and collaboratively with State, Municipal and County transportation officials directly and indirectly on small and large teams to ensure that designs are developed efficiently for the benefit of the Owner agency and the public.


  • Collection of Traffic Data
  • Roadway Geometric Design
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Signage and Pavement Marking Design
  • Culvert / Bridge Hydraulic Design
  • Bridge Scour Studies
  • Commuter Rail Design
  • Pedestrian, ADA, and Cycling Amenities Design


Our engineers are certified with TxDOT in the following categories:

Environmental Studies
2.5.1 Water Pollution Abatement Plan

Roadway Design
4.1.1 Minor Roadway Design
4.2.1 Major Roadway Design    

Bridge Design
5.1.1 Minor Bridge Design

Traffic Operations Design
8.5.1 Highway-Rail Grade Crossings     

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities
9.1.1 Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Development     

Hydraulic Design and Analysis
10.1.1 Hydrologic Studies
10.2.1 Basic Hydraulic Design
10.3.1 Complex Hydraulic Design

Construction Management
11.1.1 Roadway Construction Management and Inspection