Boggy Creek Lift Station Improvements
Austin, TX

Boggy Creek Lift Station Improvements | Austin, TX

The Boggy Creek Wastewater Lift Station was built in 1978 with 4 pumps rated at 9,000 gpm, 1,200 gpm, 13,000 gpm, and 9,000 gpm to serve the eastern portion of the Boggy Creek Sewershed.  This pump station has reached the end of its useful life and is in need of an upgrade in both equipment, control and capacity. $2,767,000

The Boggy Creek Lift Station Improvements project will replace all of the pumps with four new pumps that will provide a minimum pumping capacity of 7,700 gpm and an maximum pumping capacity of 19,500 gpm with all pumps in operation to meet existing conditions.

Additional impellers are to be provided to raise each pump to 8,250 gpm to meet future demands.   The project provides for the rehabilitation and construction of modifications to the lift station, including new pumps, motors and piping. The upgrade of the lift station encompasses significant improvements to the entire electrical system, as well as a rework of the instrumentation and control systems. The work also includes minor remodeling of the interior space of the lift station, an upgrade to the HVAC systems, and piping and valve upgrades.


CAS was tasked with the Management of the HVAC design along with overall general management of the review and Permitting Process.  The City Project Manager requested that CAS take on this role due to their previous experiences and abilities performing the Project Management role on other projects as a way to ease the burden on the existing project manager.  CAS was placed in control of the permitting and review of this project due to knowledge of the City Permitting processes and review requirements.

Project Cost: $2.7M

Owner: City of Austin