Real Road at Chupaderas Creek Low Water Crossing
Bexar County, TX

Real Road at Chupaderas Creek Low Water Crossing | Bexar County, TX

Real Road is located in east San Antonio, in Bexar County, and crosses Chupaderas Creek with a double 54-inch RCP culvert. The existing roadway was lightly traveled and subject to overtopping during rainfall events. The roadway surface showed minor rutting along the travel lanes and alligator cracking due to roadway fatigue. The existing drainage structure was in fair condition but unable to safely pass storm water runoff  from significant rainfall events. The design of the new structure would ensure a “no-rise” water surface solution while safely passing the FEMA 100-year runoff below the roadway surface.


CAS prepared the drainage and roadway design, improving the roadway cross-section to 32 feet. The roadway design included 4-foot shoulders, 12-foot travel lanes, striping, signage, and guardrails. To aid in preventing settlement on roadway approaches, flowable fill was used on the sides of the proposed culvert. Minor horizontal and vertical roadway adjustments were needed to accommodate the existing roadway and proposed culvert design. HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS modeling were performed to determine several box culvert sizes and the option for a five 10-foot x 8-foot box culvert system was selected by Bexar County. CAS finalized the HEC-RAS modeling for the selected option and prepared construction plans, specifications, and estimates for the proposed box culvert and channel grading. The construction plans included the roadway, drainage and environmental improvements. A large drainage easement was required to accommodate the drainage structure and associated channel grading. Roadway geometry was set to provide no overtopping for the 100-year event and no rise in the existing water surface elevations. An East Central Water Supply main and CPS Energy Utilities were relocated as a part of this project.

Project Cost: $944,000

Owner: Bexar County