TxDOT Camp Hubbard
Austin, TX

TxDOT Camp Hubbard | Austin, TX

TxDOT’s Camp Hubbard is home to the Department’s Support Services Division. It is located in the City of Austin in the area between Jackson Avenue, 35th Street and the MoPac Expressway.  The site has ten major buildings and parking lots totaling more than ten acres in area.

Records indicate that the parking lots were last reconstructed in the late 1960’s.  Since that time, numerous overlays have buried the curb at many locations. There are very few inlets on the property and the drainage pattern on the parking lots is generally an east to west sheet flow pattern.

Sidewalks and access to buildings weren’t always to ADA standards, and spot improvements over the years to the sidewalks and ADA paths left the site in a mix of compliant and non-compliant states.  The prime consultant assigned this project to CAS Consulting and kept only the redesign/conversion of the parking lot lighting to LED standards.


CAS designs included:

  • Milling and overlaying of 10+ acres of parking lot pavement
  • Replacement of several hundred feet of curb and gutter
  • Numerous castings adjusted to the new grades
  • Removal of a large driveway
  • Minor adjustments to the water utility
  • Extensive reconstruction of sidewalks, ramps and ADA paths to make the site compliant to current ADA standards.

Project Cost: $1.2M

Owner: TxDOT

For the construction phase which will begin this year, CAS will be on the site daily directing the contractor on what sections of sidewalk to remove and replace, to establish new curb elevations, to help with lay-out of ramps, and to direct the milling depth to preserve and, in some cases, restore the site’s original drainage pattern.  As each phase is completed, the parking lots will get re-striped for standard and ADA parking, as well as a continuous delineation of ADA paths from the south end of the project at 35th Street to the north end of the site at 41st Street.