Waller Creek Flood Diversion Tunnel
Austin, TX

Waller Creek Flood Diversion Tunnel | Austin, TX

The purpose of this Program of CIP Projects is to divert 100-year storm event flows from the Waller Creek channel, provide flood protection to 42 buildings, prevent flooding of 12 roadway crossings, and reduce width of the floodplain, which significantly increases the amount of developable land area. The Program consists of a several CIP projects, which include:

  • Inlet Facility At Waterloo Park
  • Main Tunnel & 4th Street Creek Side Inlet Facility (5,000-foot flood control tunnel varying in finished diameter varying from 20.5 – 26.5 feet)
  • Outlet Facility At Waller Beach
  • 8th St Creek Side Inlet Facility
  • Waller Beach PARD Boat Facility
  • Hike and Bike Trail Pedestrian Bridge

As a subconsultant, CAS’ scope has included a myriad of key functions throughout the life cycle of the project. Pertaining to this RFQ, CAS has performed:

  • 8th St Creek Side Inlet Facility: Analyzed (WinStorm hydraulic modeling) and designed relocation of a 72-inch storm drain line that discharges into Waller Creek. Field engineering/construction phase services.
  • Inlet Facility At Waterloo Park: Analysis, design, bidding and construction phase services (CPS) for utility relocation; balancing Waller Creek channel and Inlet Pond protection, preservation of trees, location relative to streambank completion, utility crossing locations, clearances of the constructed wetlands, reconnection within the Waller Creek bank, and the 100-year flood plain elevation.
  • Hike and Bike Trail Pedestrian Bridge: Managed/directed accelerated design, bid support and CPS for the bridge replacement, facilitating creek restoration design/construction impact mitigation with WPD staff.
  • Program-wide Field Engineering/CPS: Development of M/WBE contracting strategies; Subcontractor Participation Enhancement Program and Small Bid Packages; Development of CM plan detailing roles, responsibilities and CM processes for all parties; and Senior CM Advice and Assistance for “Red Zone” services including Planning and Guidance for declaring the system “flood-ready” and to assist WPD in transition to ownership.
  • Utility Relocation: We also provided wastewater line relocation services, which included relocating the existing 36-inch concrete line from the creek bed around the proposed inlet improvements, and replacing a 36-inch concrete wastewater line at the 8th Street inlet with a HOBAS pipe crossing under Waller Creek.

Project Cost: $147M (Est.)

Owner: City of Austin