Water Treatment Plant No. 4 CMAR
Austin, TX

Water Treatment Plant No. 4 CMAR | Austin, TX

The new 50 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) plant consists of a raw water intake tunnel, pump stations, water treatment facilities, and a large diameter tunnel that transports the finished water to the Jollyville Reservoir site where it feeds into the City’s distribution system.

CAS was a member of the Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) team. CAS helped define and structure the CMAR process for the project. CAS was responsible for all long-lead equipment and construction subcontract procurements for WTP4. The procurements were structured to adhere to Texas municipal purchasing statutes and other City provisions such as the MBE/WBE Ordinance, community outreach, utilization of local contractors and vendors, and the City Utility’s standards.  CAS was responsible for compilation of all solicitation documents, authoring non-standard sections, assisting in scope definition of construction packages, preparation of subcontractor evaluation questionnaires and evaluation matrices, and short listing subcontractors for specific solicitation packages. CAS was exclusively responsible for the advertisement, outreach and bid process. CAS also assisted in various capacities of technical assessments and evaluations.

CAS served as a Subsurface Construction Tunnel and Tunnel Shaft Inspector for the WTP4 Raw Water Intake System and Completion Inspector for the Filter Building.  In this role, CAS staff assisted in various capacities of technical assessments, observation and evaluation to assure the two raw water tunnels, subterranean pump gallery/station, and filter building were completed to the Owner’s expectations and within the intent of the engineer-of-record, performing such duties as observing tunneling, pipe placement, grout, structural concrete, and structural steel erection.  CAS also scheduled oversight and reporting, performed RFI and submittal review, changed order support, conducted laboratory scheduling for materials testing, and assisted subcontractors with environmental and safety compliance.

Project Cost: $389M

Owner: City of Austin