Airport & Chesterfield Water / Wastewater Improvements
Austin, TX

Airport & Chesterfield Water / Wastewater Improvements | Austin, TX

he purpose of this project was to improve the sanitary sewer interceptor system in the Upper West Waller Creek basin. The system needed to be upgraded due to hydraulic capacity concerns, numerous sanitary sewer overflows and demands from proposed redevelopment. The project involved:

  • Replacement of approximately 18,280 LF of sewer lines with diameters ranging from 8-inch to 24-inch, including 17 private service relocations. Approximately 1,000 LF of wastewater interceptors were replaced via trenchless technology under TxDOT roadways, the railroad, and existing creek culverts.
  • Replacement of approximately 2,000 LF of 8 to 12-inch water main.
  • Approximately 30,000 SY of roadway restoration.

Project Cost: $8.8M

Owner: City of Austin

In order to reduce costs, the design featured maximizing open-cut trenching in the City’s right-of-way primarily along residential and collector streets. This project required extensive coordination with various city departments, Capital Metro, the University of Texas, TxDOT, Parks, AISD, DPS and numerous private property owners.

As the Prime Consultant, the CAS team’s services included: preliminary analysis, design, easement
identification and acquisition, AULCC utility coordination water and wastewater design, and pedestrian/vehicular traffic control design, permitting, bid, and construction phases.
Unique features of this project included: boring beneath Airport Boulevard and CapMetro Rail, acquiring
easements from the University of Texas, and relocating sewer lines from Upper-West Waller Creek including a segment that was located beneath a strip mall. CAS also incorporated a water main design prepared by the City.