Barrington Way FM Reroute and Gravity System Upgrade
Austin, TX

Barrington Way FM Reroute and Gravity System Upgrade | Austin, TX

This project was an assignment from the 2011-2013 Small Diameter W/WW Pipeline Rotation List which was designated to Kurkjian Engineering Corporation. After KEC closed down their business in 2014, this project was transferred to CAS.

The project was initiated to replace 3,170 LF of deteriorating 8-inch and 10-inch diameter
asbestos concrete wastewater mains with new 15- inch diameter PVC mains and decommission a nearby
wastewater lift station in a residential neighborhood in the northwest area of Austin, Texas.

CAS led the design and construction of 3,170 LF of 15-inch PVC wastewater main, nine 4-foot to 5-foot diameter polymer concrete manholes, 59 wastewater service laterals, 40 LF of 8-inch PVC water main, and 15,990 SY of HMAC pavement overlay. In addition, CAS provided the following:

  • E&S control plan
  • Temporary traffic control plan including 14 detours
  • Prepared the project manual
  • Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
  • Trades Summary
  • General Permit
  • Coordination of AWU desire to use polymer concrete WW components

Project Cost: $1.86M

Owner: City of Austin

During the construction phase, CAS engineers reviewed contractor’s submittals, attended bi-weekly construction progress meetings, revised the WW line alignment to avoid a gas line and performed periodic site visits to observe construction. We also provided a final walkthrough to check the punch list items, and prepared the record drawings needed for final project closeout. Construction was substantially completed in 2016.