Elroy Road at FM 812 Improvements
Austin, TX

Elroy Road at FM 812 Improvements | Travis County

This project will provide one additional south bound lane on Elroy Road at the FM 812 intersection. The length is approximately 1,100 feet from FM 812 to north of the driveway to Circuit of the Americas parking lot “P”. The new road will allow for three 11-foot travel lanes plus a 4-foot paved shoulder on both sides. The purpose of the widening is to allow additional capacity for traffic entering and leaving COTA parking lot “P” during large race events, as well as allow the Fire Station and additional lane for ingress/egress for emergency response.

CAS provided civil engineering services to produce final PS&E Documents for construction of one additional south bound lane on Elroy Road at the FM 812 intersection in Travis County Precinct Four. These services included:

  • Prepared preliminary plans and final construction documents in accordance with County and TxDOT design standards.
  • Prepared associated Temporary Traffic Control Plans, Final Traffic Control and Striping Plans.
  • Prepared Water Line Relocation Plans in accordance with City of Austin/Austin Water Utility requirements.
  • Reviewed available ROW and determined additional ROW needs
  • Monitored project cost and applied cost recovery methodologies such as Value Engineering.
  • Performed Intersection design, coordinated with TxDOT.
  • Submitted documents and provided coordination/support to TxDOT construction permitting action.
  • Acquired all regulatory permits and clearances.
  • Coordinated with Austin Energy, AT&T and Time Warner to relocate their facilities.
  • Prepared Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost.
  • Supported Travis County in the bidding and contractor selection process.
  • Construction Phase Services

Project Cost: $709,000

Owner: Travis County